Lejour is in the initial stages of brand expansion locally and regionally. We welcome you to become one of our initial franchise owners. Apart from area exclusivity, franchisees can tap into our expertise in setting up and running student care and/or tuition centre.

Lejour Education is registered with the Ministry of Education (for tuition programmes) and Ministry of Social & Family Development (for student care programmes). We also have educator training programmes, some of which have been approved as SkillsFuture courses.

Apart from securing a suitable premise, Lejour will help to acquire all the necessary permits and licenses from the authorities. We will also assist in the recruitment and training of educators at the centre. Most critically, Lejour will provide guidance and support for marketing and recruitment of students. We utilise a mixture of traditional and digital marketing.

What do operators need?

  • Lejour Licensing & Consultancy Fees $12,000 
  • You will require about $30,000 – $50,000 in cash for all the initial payments (rental, deposit, renovation, furnishing, professional fees etc)
  • You should be or have at least 1 person who is willing and able to teach!

If you are interested, please contact our Mr. Willy Tan at Willy@Lejour.edu.sg