Freedom through Education

LEJOUR believes that every child deserves the best education. In our highly competitive society, many of us have our dreams dashed as we do not meet the prerequisites to chase it. Our children have the freedom to decide their own future only if they have the required education.

Our Company

LEJOUR EDUCATION CENTRE is registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore). Our school board is responsible for the operations of the school. It ensures that all courses offered are compliant with existing regulations and recommendations of the government. Assisting the school board is the Academic & Assessments Board (AAB) which oversees all the design and implementation of curriculum and assessments. Members of the AAB has final veto over the hiring of the teaching staff.

Our Classes
LEJOUR EDUCATION conducts our classes with a maximum of 6 students per educator. We will keep the ratio at 1 educator to 6 students or less. Should the class exceeds 6 students, there will be additional educators assigned to the class.

Our Educators
Our educators have a minimum of a bachelors degree and more than 10 years of teaching experience. All our educators – expect trainee educators – are registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore).

Our Centre

For the protection of our educators and students, the premises is duly fire safety certified. Apart from the fire alarm, fire extinguisher and hose reel, we also have emergency light and exit signs. The classrooms also have CCTVs and all footages are stored for at least 2 weeks.

Our Classrooms

There is ample space for each child to read & write ensuring that it is conducive for them to study and learn. Our classrooms are also air-conditioned for the comfort of the teachers and the child. Students also have free access to warm water should they feel cold.