Freedom through Education

A leading tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in O-Level English, Math and Physics.

Why Choose Us?

Accredited and Experienced

  • Lejour is Registered with the Ministry of Education (Singapore)
  • Tutors are registered with Ministry of Education
  • Tutors have a minimum of a bachelors degree
  • Tutors haveĀ more than 10 years of teaching experience

Ideal Learning Environment

  • Lejour provides nurturing and inspiring environment
  • Each student gets personal attention due to low student-teacher ratio
  • Our tutors work tirelessly to motivate students towards excellence
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  • Our methods cater to every child’s innate learning style and capability
  • Lessons are structured to help switch between Diffused andĀ Focused learning modes
  • Structured revision program ensures long-lasting learning
  • Our Mnemonic devices assist in memorising while understanding the concepts
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